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  A ranty thing about school shootings and trauma
Posted by: SoulRiser - 05-21-2020, 06:38 PM - Forum: Surviving School - Replies (1)

I was listening to a podcast thingy, and a caller came in and talked about some person's response to a school shooting, that he'd seen online somewhere.

This is my response I rambled into my journal:

"some suggestions about how to help children with difficult feelings"
lol what
how about
stop fucking traumatizing them in the first place
don't put them through hell
that's like torturing someone while telling them how to manage their feelings
what the fuck
and the guide was aimed at parents
a suggestion was to shake together
no don't you fucking dare grab me and shake me against my will
what the fuck

that's all fine and dandy but completely misses the point of HOW MUCH INTENSE HELL some kids go through to get to that point
some shaking and 'feeling management' doesn't even remotely address the problem
stop fucking hurting them
sure, by all means, tell kids how to deal with shit, but MORE IMPORTANTLY
tell fucking stupid asshole adults to stop traumatizing them
and putting them in ridiculously insane environments

how are people so oblivious
school shootings happen
therefore "some kids have a hard time dealing with difficult feelings"
what the fuck no
what it fucking means is that SCHOOL IS HELL
how is that NOT OBVIOUS?!

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  "It's just puberty" as an easy excuse
Posted by: Zuchara - 05-10-2020, 02:02 PM - Forum: Surviving School - Replies (1)

"Ok kids now you have to be under our control 24/7 and follow every our order because you cannot be trusted to make your own decisions. Freedom is very destructive for you. There is only one way of getting mature  ̶  in jail under strict control. And remember: it's for your own good".
"Fuck you!"
"Oh no, how dare they say "fuck you" to us?! That's why we need more control 'cause these kids are really naughty! More violence will definitely be beneficial".

It's weird that students know better about schools than parents, teachers, ministers of education  ̶  adults in general ̶  yet we are never taken seriously and always ignored. We say "we can't learn this way, we feel sick and depressed, your expectations are just insane! Stop doing it to us!". Don't adults hear it? They probably do but do nothing  ̶  they have a magical diagnosis "puberty" which explains fucking everything from physical pain (yeah that's definitely just my body so painfully developing and not the result of endless seatwork) to even suicide (!). One smartass journalist said it's natural for a teen to feel suicidal. I wonder if he said this to devastated parents who lost their child. Would he say "it's just natural for teens to die like acne or changing mood" to a mother in sorrow? It seems like they wanna evade responsibility and then manipulate the students however they want.

Outrageous how your feelings are devaluated because of your age like "you're currently inadequate so we won't take you seriously". Feeling like shit? Hormones, will stop soon. Bullies? Kids are naturally cruel, more control will fix it. Angry about school? Y'all just want to hang out and not learn, ofcs learning is hard and unpleasant thing, school is not a damn circus to be entertaining! Teens complain because they are teens, there is no our responsibility whatsoever. The saddest thing is that it's not some narrow-minded parent's opinion, it keeps the system alive because if students were treated like adults they wouldn't take such humiliation they experience anymore.

At the same time adults love to sigh for "beautiful youth" and philosophically say something like "you should be so lucky to be young, school is your best years that's why you should appreciate it". This one actually sounds like a mockery. Very reassuring considering what kind of shit this youth brings. We don't take this as an advice to be more positive but as a warning that things are going to be even worse. I think I'm going nuts cause everyone who talks about school in a positive way makes me furious. Then I think "why is he ok and I'm not? There must be something wrong with me...".

Oh, that's not all! They want us to be responsible like adults. The thing is, that their "responsible" means "someone who knows what he is supposed to do and doesn't ask stupid questions". But in normal world you take responsibility for your choices. Question: how tf are we supposed to be responsible without any decisions to make? Back in the past teenagers could take care after themselves and actually work, no stuff like transitional age existed. But now we have a bunch of angry "adolescents" who don't do shit. The society claims you have to be schooled until 23  ̶   no choices, no responsibility.

I could talk hours about that but I have to write another scholastic crap which I was supposed to hand in a week ago. I'm sick of smart words without meaning, these abstract discursions, such a waste of time. I don't think learning has to to be fun or easy  ̶  I just want it to make sense. I tried writing a book last summer, and it was hard yet enjoyable. People whose love for learning was killed in early age won't understand, just go on saying that learning is always "violence to yourself". That's what my mum says... she's a teacher.

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  Something for when you feel like shit...
Posted by: SoulRiser - 04-30-2020, 11:13 PM - Forum: Mental Health, Trauma, Anti-psychiatry, etc - No Replies


This is really cool. It's like a step by step interactive 'game' that guides you through things to try doing to help you feel less like shit.

Especially helpful for people who have trouble feeling their bodily functions, or who have executive dysfunction troubles.

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  LGBTQ People Are The Revival God Is Bringing To The Earth
Posted by: SoulRiser - 04-25-2020, 02:47 PM - Forum: LGBTQIA+ - No Replies

I was feeling angry at the cruelty of religious people, and was googling for stuff like "christianity is evil", and stumbled upon this guy's site, and found this post:


Quote:For the very Grace that comforts the broken and authors sacred diversity and divine equality into every thread of God’s tapestry of creation, is the very same Grace that now renders heaping buckets of white hot coals upon the heads of the self-righteous, calling them to fierce repentance for their wicked conservative Evangelical ignorance and religious idolatry.
For nothing reveals the cosmic beauty, diversity, and complexity of God’s masterful penmanship like the reality of LGBTQ people.
Nothing reveals the irreversible equality God has written into every fiber of all humanity like the reality of LGBTQ people.
Nothing sounds the trumpets of God’s demand for the unconditional love, affirmation, and acceptance of all of Her creation like the reality of LGBTQ people
They are the revival God is bringing to earth.
They are the test God is bringing to Her Church.
They are the measure that reveals how far American Christianity has fallen.
For nothing reveals religious ignorance and bigotry like the reality of LGBTQ people.
Nothing pulls back the curtain on self-righteousness like the reality of LGBTQ people.
Nothing unveils right wing Christianity’s thirst for supremacy like the reality of LGBTQ people.
Nothing detects the underlying hate, selfishness, and greed of many conservative Christians and the shallowness of their faith ideology like the reality of LGBTQ people.

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  Free meditation resources
Posted by: SoulRiser - 04-14-2020, 01:58 PM - Forum: Mental Health, Trauma, Anti-psychiatry, etc - Replies (2)

Here's a free meditation thing related to all this coronavirus stuff: https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience

Just found it now, but this guy's stuff is usually good.

He has 21 day meditations for free a few times a year. This one looks like it's staying open for longer than they usually do.

If you know of any good meditation resources, post them here!

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  Introducing myself
Posted by: tooterriblyodd - 04-02-2020, 12:03 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

I just thought I'd introduce myself. Politically, I identify as a neurodivergent leftist. Medically, I have a long list of diagnoses that I've accumulated since I was 2½ to explain differences in my thinking, behavior, appearance, and movement; nearly all of them neurodevelopmental or psychiatric in nature. In terms of sexuality and gender, I am a straight ciswoman, and my pronouns are she/her. Spirituality, I am an atheist, but often find myself feeling meditative during hyperfocus. I will be turning 30 shortly.

I found Sam Heins' website (EQI.org) as a teenager, around a decade and a half ago. It helped me then a little, but I think my parents would've tried to isolate me from that site if I had tried to interact with Sam. I found this website through EQI.org.

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  SoulRiser's blog thingy
Posted by: SoulRiser - 03-23-2020, 05:57 PM - Forum: Members Only - Replies (5)

Been kind of stressed lately. Probably picking up on everyone else's stress because of all this virus stuff. I doubt I'll get it, and even if I do, I'll be fine. I've already been avoiding humans and washing my hands a bajillion times a day. It sort of mildly amuses me that everyone else is now being encouraged to do as I have always done.

At least the virus thing has caused my parents to cancel their visit for now. I was dreading that. They're pretty stressful to be around.

Also: 100th post on the forums! 30th thread! Woohoo!

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  Even more angry and sad and a whole bunch of emotions
Posted by: Calvinishere3 - 03-17-2020, 01:54 AM - Forum: Emotional Support - Replies (4)

So I didn't have school today because of Coronavirus, which was nice. Then I heard from my mom that the state governor is having all schools closed starting March 23rd. I was so happy, until I checked the news just now for conformation. Schools will be closing on March 23rd, and students will start doing online courses. I'm surprised I didn't just break my laptop by how hard I threw it across the room. Why can't I just enjoy my life without school lingering over my head like a personal raincloud? I don't know how much more of this I can take. I hate my own opinions and emotions so much. Why can't I just like/tolerate school like everyone else? Why must everything be so difficult for me?

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  The Coronavirus Thread
Posted by: Norik - 03-16-2020, 05:39 PM - Forum: General - Replies (8)

Since the world is cancelled and there's nothing to do, might as well talk about the one thing occupying everyone's attention: the COVID19 coronavirus. Anybody else stuck at home doing nothing?

Also, I figured this would be worth something to at least one person here:

[Image: 4ml0ldlzi1n41.jpg]

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  Im very worried about my friend
Posted by: Calvinishere3 - 02-24-2020, 04:47 AM - Forum: Emotional Support - Replies (8)

There's a girl who I met on Discord in May of last year and, skipping all the stuff that happened in between, we are basically best friends now. And on Tuesday last week, she sent a really kind message to me and I was only able to reply to it yesterday (I dont have my phone) and today I read the message again and I connected the dots with the use of past tense, how kind the message was, and that she had yet to reply that she might have commited suicide or something as she had attempted it in the past and that shes very depressed and has PTSD. Well in a mild panic I log on to Snapchat to see if shes still online and doing ok. She was online thankfully and I told her I was worried she had killed herself or something. She said she was going to (but did not) and that she said goodbye to her friends and no one cared and that I was the only person to message her in days. I just said that i'm happy she is still here and that ill talk to her whenever I can (cus no phone) and that was that. Well I have been very worried since then. Im worried she will hurt or kill herself and I won't be there for her. I just wish I had my phone or any access to Discord so I can talk to her. I feel so lonely without her and I don't know what I would do without her. Unfortunately there's only so much I can do especially when I cant talk with her very often. I just love her so much and I want to be there to comfort and support her. I only came here to vent so I don't necessarily expect support.

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